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Timbuktu, formerly also spelled Timbuctoo and Timbuktoo, is a town in the West African nation of Mali situated 20 km north of the River Niger on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. The town is the capital of the Timbuktu Region, one of the eight administrative regions of Mali. It had a population of 54, in the census. Starting out as a seasonal settlement, Timbuktu became a permanent settlement early in the 12th century.

The meanings of Timbuktu

After a shift in trading routes, Timbuktu flourished from the trade in salt, gold, ivory and slaves. It became part of the Mali Empire early in the 14th century. In the first half of the 15th century the Tuareg tribes took control of the city for a short period until the expanding Songhai Empire absorbed the city in A Moroccan army defeated the Songhai in , and made Timbuktu, rather than Gao, their capital. The invaders established a new ruling class, the arma, who after became virtually independent of Morocco.

The Meanings of Timbuktu by Souleymane Bachir Diagne

However, the golden age of the city was over and it entered a long period of decline. Different tribes governed until the French took over in , a situation that lasted until it became part of the current Republic of Mali in Presently, Timbuktu is impoverished and suffers from desertification. Song lyrics by timbuktu -- Explore a large variety of song lyrics performed by timbuktu on the Lyrics. Abderrahmane Sissako :.

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Your hormones start to get misplaced and this causes chaos switching you from Los Angeles to Timbuktu to Fiji time zones week by week. International Criminal Court :. Word in Definition. Princeton's WordNet 0.

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Wiktionary 0. A fascinating read for anyone who wishes to gain an understanding of the aura of mystique and legend that surrounds Timbuktu. The Meanings of Timbuktu strives to contextualize and clarify the importance of efforts to preserve Timbuktu's manuscripts for Mali, for Africa and for the intellectual world. Sign in.

The meanings of Timbuktu

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The Legend of Timbuktu

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