PDF Cooking the Indonesian Way: Includes Low-Fat and Vegetarian Recipes (Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks)

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Cooking the Indonesian Way: Culturally Authentic Foods Including Low-Fat and Vegetarian Recipes (Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks) by Kari Cornell.
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Cellophane paper can also be used the food is served in its paper wrapping The paper is thrown away. The technique was developed for when a moist dish was required as an alternative to a roasted one. The common denominator of these methods is a moderate oven degrees F and a reasonably long cooking time with or without a flash of high heat at the beginning orf high heat at the beginning or end of the cook cycle. Our Guide to Whole Turkeys has detailed foolproof cooking instructions. The moderate temperature allows for a reasonable window of time in which the bird is at its peak, letting the cook worry less about pulling the bird out at some absolute moment of perfection.

This is the technique for people who have better things to do than hang around an oven all day.

Simple Low Fat Vegan Stir Fry Recipe from Happy Herbivore Cookbook

If you can read a clock and a thermometer, then you can cook a good turkey this way. Red cooking — a process whereby meat is slowly simmered in dark soy sauce, imparting a reddish tinge to the final product — is a popular cooking technique in eastern China. STEWING is a time-honored moist cooking technique that transforms less tender cuts of meat unsuitable for quick-cooking methods into melt-in-your-mouth meats Stewing allows the cook to assemble the dish and then let it simmer, with little or no attention for an hour or more.

Vary the flavor profile of the stew dish by experimenting with liquids wine, broth, beer and vegetable juices and different herbs and spices. Ideal cuts: shoulder and pork cubes. In China, stews are usually cooked in an clay pot over a charcoal fire. The stew is cooked for a very long time — up to four hours — producing meat almost jelly-like in tenderness. If any technique in Chinese cooking demands proper preparation, it is stir-frying. Minimalist Baker for yet another win! I have a feeling I already know the answer to this question… but will this dish work without the curry? I stumbled across this site yesterday and this recipe sounded interesting.

I ended up making this recipe last night and it was very flavorful and filling. Im not a fan of tofu so I skipped that ingredient. I also really enjoyed the extra kick from the garlic chili sauce! Thank you for sharing your recipes. I look forward to trying more of them. Fantastic recipe. I made this for dinner and me and my boyfriend were super surprised at how good this is considering the relative simplicity. I swapped out the peas for brocolli due to personal preference and it was great.

Absolutely delicious! I followed the recipe exact, though my tofu is a bit tough on the outside and a little rubbery on the inside and not crispy at all? I took it out just as it was was becoming slightly golden and I followed the recipe to exact I havnt cooked tofu before! I just made this, and it tastes amazing! So delicious!

I used liquid aminos instead of soy sauce and also added baby bok choy and green onions when adding in the snow peas. Also, I used regular sesame oil and it turned out great. I topped it with sesame seeds and red chili flakes. Thank you for another great dish, I have yet to be disappointed by your recipes.

Sooo good. I made this with tofu cooked in my Actifry for 10 minutes with a bit of sesame oil, and tomatoes instead of the red pepper. I topped it with a small amount of chili paste sambal oelek. I thought the sauce was going to make it too limey, as it sure smelled strongly of limes and I love limes! So simple and quick to fix. I ended up using different vegetables but it worked out. Making this again for lunch tomorrow! The sauce made the dish sooo flavorful.

This was so easy and so delicious! I love the way the lime and curry flavours complement each other. Will definitely make again! Just made this in 20 minutes. Definitely going to save this recipe! I decided to make this recipe today. I used brown rice Vietnamese noodles and replaced the peas with mushrooms. Couldnt find the peas in this recipe. But it still came out amazing. I forgot to thank you! Thank you so much! I really want to get better at my cooking skills. Thanks again!

I am from Singapore and I have never heard of Singapore noodles until I am overseas. I am very interested to try this out! I never leave reviews for anything but feel I must for this: Thank you so much for this recipe, my family loves it. It is the ONLY dish that my very picky 3 yr old asks me to make for her and the only thing I can make for my husband and I to eat for dinner that I can be sure she and my 10 month old baby! I replicated it, except instead of baking the tofu I was running low on time and stir fried it.

Other than my vegetarian lasagna, this is the first time I actually make a proper meal. Totally forgot about the tofu so I threw it in the pan for a bit before adding noodles. Definitely gonna try this some other time. It was delicious and exactly like the Singapore noodles I have had from my local takeout place. The only thing that I will change next time is that I will add a ton more veggies.

I know the point of Singapore noodles is the noodles but we just like veggies :. I made this recipe 3 different times this week? It was that good! I did a tofu version, all veggie, and this last round I made a sesame chicken — all amazing. I doubled the sauce to make it extra saucey and added it right away to let it carmelize. I also added beets, the stem, and the leaves as well as Swiss chard for extra veg and a pop of color.

Why is that? Anyway, I give this a double thumbs up! Thanks minimalistbaker! I made this tonight and it was incredible!


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The amount of flavor you get from this recipe is insane. This is definitely a new go-to recipe and so SO much better than takeout.

Origins of Rendang

I used 2. Made this tonight, it was incredibly tasty! I upted some of the sauce ingredients. I looove it. Eating it right out of the pot. Thanks for a vegan option to my favortie take out order! Oh my goodness this is hands down the most delicious meal I have made, ever!!! I did use tofu, doubled the sauce and noodle ingredients as I was feeding a family of 5, put in a splash of vegan fish sauce and also a splash of rice wine vinegar. Kids thought it was a bit spicy maybe will use a more mild curry powder next time but hubby thought it was delish too.

I want to put this into my regular meals yummmmm. Forgot the sliced green onion, and was going to top with bean sprouts but forgot also, oh and forgot the siricha sauce also, still brilliant! Super delicious! Thank you so much for the recipe. Flavorful and just the right kick of spiciness! Thank you for the Tofu tip. I can finally stop eating playdoh! Great recipe. I used lemon instead, and turned out great.

Just made this and loved it! Dana, Thanks again for another now go-to recipe. My husband and I have made this at least twice a month now since you first posted it. Such an easy to put together dish with incredible flavor and it is so filling but light. I would definitely replace the shaoxing wine with mirin. I do a lot of Japanese cooking so I always have it on hand. Thanks for the recipe! This was delish! We just put all of the spices did cut back on the curry powder because ours is hot! Just wanted to simplify and make it fast.

Have no idea if works for others. Thanks for another great recipe! So so good, my husband and I have made this twice now and it is amazing. We subbed red cabbage for peas and it was such a nice change up. Thank you we love all your recipes. I found it best with wide rice noodles fettuccine equivalent the sauce really becomes a delicious glaze around them! I also use whatever vegetables I have on hand, especially broccoli and mushrooms, they really absorb the flavor!

Thank you, thank you Dana! Just made this tonight! It was soo yummy! I topped it with some chopped peanuts in addition to the scallions. What a hit! Will be making this again! I have made this multiple times now and every single time it is SO. LOVE your recipes, Dana! I used red curry paste instead of curry powder.

I also added some tamarind to the sauce more like your pad Thai spring roll recipe. This recipe was delicious. My husband and I loved it. I added hot sauce bc I like mine spicier. Was surprised how tasty this was. My boyfriend and I just cooked this and ate it for dinner! It was delicious!!! We added shrimp to it and it went together perfectly. Thanks for the awesome recipe. It took me two tries to really get this down came down to the right brand of noodles; first were too al dente. Big party hit! Add mushrooms and broccoli instead of tofu — worked a treat.

Well what can I say?! This dish was absolutely amazing. Love this kind of food but hate the takeout versions. I was yet to find a noodle recipe that I liked. My husband loved it too. We made some salt and pepper chips on the side too. Thank you for sharing. On another note I also made the quinoa granola today. I have made this recipe multiple times, sometimes vegan, and a few times with boneless chicken thigh. I like it with whole wheat spaghetti. This is great straight out of the pan and it also reheats very well.

Made it — loved it! I an easy rice noodle dish, and this was it. I subbed frozen peas for snap peas I prepared them ahead of time. I will be making this again, probably adding a bit more vegetables next time. I have tried using tofu in the past and not a fan. I like silken in smoothies. Crisping up the tofu in the oven first transforms it to something that I really enjoyed.

I loved this dish! Thank you.

James Beard Award - Central Indiana: International Cookbook Award

Made this without the tofu! I can see now it would have made this meal more complete but it was so good! This take definitely take a ton of veggies, should have put in more mini bell peppers! It has to be vermicelli, not rice noodles. Should be nothing at all like pad Thai. There should be crispiness, but not from the tofu — from the noodles.

You need to cook the vermicelli for much longer, not just to heat through, but so the layer of noodles touching the pan starts to go crispy and chewy in places, a bit like with paella rice. Any idea what I can use other than soy sauce? I am breastfeeding my infant with dairy and soy allergies so I have had to completely eliminate the two out of my diet. Great friday night meal!

I made this twice. I preferred the teriyaki version and the reduction of garlic in my 2nd try muted the flavours just a tad. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I love singapore noodle but always have to ask for it vegan and cross my fingers that the understand. Now I can make my own. I love your recipes,im addicted to them!!! I made the Singapore noodles tonight and tasted delicious!! At the end I fried up some organic tofu with shitake mushroom on sesame oil and put it on top of the noodles:. I made this tonight…amazing!

I did add mushrooms and substitute edamame for the snow peas. Love it! I doubled the sauce recipe as I cheated and used 4 packages of ramen noodles we keep to a GF diet most of the time, but occasionally I love to use ramen without their yucky flavor packets — I LOVE the noodle texture! I would agree with the post to use peanut oil and add the toasted sesame at the end.

My little boys loved it too! Thanks for the yumminess! I get this brand from Costco. Gluten free ramen! The Costco one is pretty inexpensive and comes with 12 or more. Try them out!! I use two pkgs just for me in one meal! Do I have to use toasted sesame oil or can I just use regular sesame oil, is there a difference? Either way is fine! I made this dish and it was very good.

Next time I would add a little more curry powder. I used roasted chickpeas instead of tofu and followed the directions in her note. I followed the directions on the package and my noodles were a little too mushy since they were also warmed in the skillet. Before making this recipe make sure your dishes are done because this is not a one dish recipe but the results are worth it! Overall a very solid recipe and I will definitely make this again. I just wanted to share my experience so that others can avoid my pitfalls. I tried this tonight and it was good. One thing though was that the sauce was a little thick which made the noodles taste almost dry.

How do I thin it out a little without distorting the flavor? Okay, figured it out. Just added a little bit of EVOO to thin it out before eating and wala! This was yummy! No snow peas at the store, so I used a frozen stir fry mix instead that worked well. I also added a beaten egg when combining noodles and veg to add a bit of protein. I love Signapore noodles but had to give them up when I stopped eating meat. I will have to try this recipe!

This was delicious! I tried using fresh rice noodles from trader joes refrigerated aisles and they were awful! Ooh, this is one of my favorite dishes! This was lunch today. So full of flavor. Even looked pretty. My only subs were sugar snap peas instead of snow peas all that was available and mushrooms instead of tofu had to use them up.

This looks absolutely fantastic!!!! Ohhh so yummy!!!! I love noodles and this just looks like the ultimate Pad Thai like concoction! Hi Dana! They are totally my fave, and a treat I miss now that I am a vegan. Regretting asking for suggestions yet? Putting the rest of the ingredients on the shopping list now. Hi Dana, in place of the fish sauce and wine you could use rice wine or vinegar and vegan Worcestershire. It might take the flavour to the next level. Just a suggestion? You might try something like peanut for cooking instead and think of the sesame oil as a finishing flavour.

Just made this last night — it was delicious! I love it. I have been feeling bad all day, not able to eat a thing, not wanting to eat. All of that has changed, this looks so delicious. Hey there! Thanks for veganising it! I just had this dish for the first time a couple weeks ago and fell in love!

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This looks so flavorful and delicious! I have been trying to try more exciting dinner combinations and this recipe is going to the top of the list :. Wow — I used to love singapore noodles — these are perfect and I have everything in — weekend dinner sorted!!! I always order Singapore noodles when I see it on a menu. Anyway, my favourite thing about this recipe is that I can make it right now without going to the grocery store!

But you may have made a convert out of me too :D. This was really really good. I added vegan fish sauce from The Kitchn www. Even meat and potatoes boy who finds tacos exotic was super into these noodles. Thank you for commenting after you made the food. I agree. I made her vegan pepperoni last night and was ah-mazed! Love me a good stir-fry noodle! I lived in Southeast Asia and went to Singapore twice. Food is literally a sport there.

You would love it! I have definitely heard of these and loooooove them! Your healthy version needs to appear in my kitchen STAT! Making takeout dishes at home always turn out so much better and quickly become staples in my house like pad thai. This recipe looks so delicious. Asian infused dishes are my favorite :.

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  • Is the flavor of the curry powder prominent? If the flavor is strong, do you think there are any spices I could sub for the curry powder—or do you think I could leave it out altogether? Hi there! To me, it seems this dish distinguishes itself from pad thai for instance because of the use of curry powder. It looks delicious. I love the colours!

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    This looks delicious. I have never heard of vegan Singapore noodles. I will have to try this soon! When we do noodles, we always order the Singapore noodles. However, here they use green bell peppers, add bean sprouts, shrimp and char siu bbq pork. These pictures are making me hungry. This looks full of POW! There is really nothing better than slurping down noodles, yum! Perfect dish for a cold fall night even if the sun is back in New York, I still want some comfort food!